The Tool Guyz BMW N20/N26 TIMING TOOL Kit

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Engine Alignment Tools applicable to:

  • Specifically designed for the BMW N20/N26 engine
  • For dismantling and assembling intake and exhaust camshaft
  • Designed for fixing the Camshaft it TDC position

Newer BMW N20 and N26 4 cylinder turbo engine.

Kit Includes:
BMW (N20/N26) Camshaft locking tool
BMW (N20/N26) Camshaft fixating base
BMW (N20/N26) Alignment Pin
BMW (N40, N42, N45, N46, N52, N55, N62) Chain Tensioner 

Suitable for following BMW models:

BMW 1 Series (F20/21): 125i (12-15)
BMW 2 Series (F22): 220i Coupe F22; 228i (14-16), 220i Coupe (14-16), 228i Coupe (14-16), 220i Cabriolet (15-16)
BMW 3 Series (F30/31): 320i xDrive (12-16), 328i (12-15), 328i xDrive (12-15)
BMW 4 Series (F32/33): 420i F32 x-Drive Coupe (13-16), x-Drive Gran Coupe (14-16), 420i F33 Cabriolet (14-16)
BMW 5 Series (F10/11): 520i (11-17), 528i xDrive (11-17)
BMW X1 (E84): xDrive 20i(11-15), sDrive 20i(11-15), xDrive 28i(11-15)
BMW X3 (F25): xDrive 20i (11-17)
BMW X4 (F26): xDrive 40i (14-16)
BMW Z4 (E89): sDrive 20i (11-17), sDrive 28i (11-16)

Engine Codes: 
2.0: N20B20, N20B20A, N20B20B, N20B20/UO, N20B20/UO, N20B20O0, N26B20

OEM Tool Codes:

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